Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pink Flowers- My favorite!


More lovely flowers from Longwood Gardens

"If you love orchids, you undoubtedly have a taste for luxury, style, and elegance.  This does not mean that you are a superficial person - far from it. You are likely to be thougtful, well read, and a witty conversantionalist." Taken from The Language of Flowers by Samantha Gray.

 This grass was so would have been nice to just roll around a bit on it!

Just a little bit of luxury once in a while does the insides good...this is the lobby of the hotel where we stayed, the rooms were nothing to shout about but the entry way was luxurious, elegant and spacious.

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  1. What gorgeously colourful pictures. I bet the perfume was wonderful. I adore gardens and gardens. How I long for summer to return again to Britain. It never arrived last year and we have snow again today! Thanks for popping into Flutterby Patch and for your nice comments. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.