Thursday, November 7, 2013

Herbal Ninja!

<a href="">Way of the Herbal Ninja: Using 17 Herbs You Already Have in the Kitchen</a>


I just started this course.  I love it. I am going to try some of the recipes soon, today I hope to make ginger chamomile tea!

Hope you are having a blue ribbon fall!!

From Kathy

Thursday, August 15, 2013


 The girls love to garden!  They have been away with their Mimi for the past couple of days...I am so glad that they returned home today and one of the first things they wanted to do was go out and see the garden.  We picked our first ever peach today!  Laura picked enough tomatoes to make Pico!  We added a hot pepper to Daddy's Pico...he loved it!  Eli and Laura made some refrigerator dill pickles with our few cucumbers that we were able to grow.  Emma has beans running out her ears.  We have lots of broccoli too that needs blanched and frozen.  The garden is so generous!
First ever peach!

Eli being his normal silly self

I just love Zenias! Especially the pink ones!

Laura loves tomatoes!  She even eats them for breakfast!

We can't wait for this one to get ripe!


I made some peach cobbler from peaches
Abbie brought home for us!

And peach freezer jam!

Emma picking her beans!

Ag Progress Days 2013

Eli and Jeff

We went to Ag Progress Days this week.  Abbie works there all summer preparing for these three big days.  She loves it out there.  It is a beautiful place to work and she gets to be outdoors working with like minded, hard working country people!

This was carved by a chain saw artist!

Abbie's flowers that she plants and takes care of all summer!

Weaver driving Abbie's Kabota


Tylor and Emma enjoyed Ag Progress Days

Makenzie and Laura enjoying their snow cones
Master Gardener's Gardens

They also hold the Timber Show each spring....
this is the wood carving from that event!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

For Dayton and Richanda

Jeff and Eli mixing the concrete!

Zeph and Dayton working the concrete.

There is the wood boiler that will go onto the pad.

Beautiful Sunny Summer Day!

The barn

One of Richanda's Bunnies

Here is another cute bunny!

Their chickens...young layers.

Richanda loves flowers!

Dayton and Richanda's home/farm is already full of animals, flowers, and projects. Today was the day that they put in the cement pad for their outdoor wood boiler.  Eli, Jeff, Zeph, Abbie and Dayton were all busy mixing and pouring concrete. (later today they will do the same at our house)  So I took a  few pictures of the day. It was a perfect summer day....sunny, breezy not too hot.

A Summer Day in the Kitchen

Green Beans from Emma's Patch

Corn from Dayton

Beans ready to go in the freezer that is getting full of summer bounty
....strawberries, corn, broccoli, beans, lamb and chicken!

We watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Netflix
and we read this book aloud to make the time more enjoyable!
Emma and I spent part of the day in the kitchen...doing beans and corn. It is nice to get some things tucked away for winter.  More corn coming for next week, lots more beans in garden to pick, tomatoes and peaches coming too! The book we are reading together is by one of my favorite authors, Lynn Austin.  This book is about a young girl living in the depression and in the fantasy world of books because she is a librarian until she goes to a backwoods community in Kentucky mining country.  She is thrown into lots of adventure and love too, much better even than in the books she has lived in for too long!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mary Jane Farm Day!

This is the location of the happenings, The Cabin.
Sarah, Mom, Myself, Emma, Laura and Weaver are the happeners!
Colorful table is all set....

Yummy Zucchini Fries are ready....

Sarah's Fresh Veggie Pasta Salad!

My plate, ready to be enjoyed!

Weaver, Laura and the Cozy Coupe!

Move over Laura here I come!

Hum...not sure that a cozy coupe is suppose to be this cozy!

The paper we made!!

Then we melted down old wax and made beautiful candles!!

Flower petals were added to the wax!!
We call these Mary Jane Days...after the Mary Jane Farm Magazine we all love!  We get together and make and eat good real food and the do crafts together - crafts that are recycled or earthy perhaps!