Saturday, August 10, 2013

For Dayton and Richanda

Jeff and Eli mixing the concrete!

Zeph and Dayton working the concrete.

There is the wood boiler that will go onto the pad.

Beautiful Sunny Summer Day!

The barn

One of Richanda's Bunnies

Here is another cute bunny!

Their chickens...young layers.

Richanda loves flowers!

Dayton and Richanda's home/farm is already full of animals, flowers, and projects. Today was the day that they put in the cement pad for their outdoor wood boiler.  Eli, Jeff, Zeph, Abbie and Dayton were all busy mixing and pouring concrete. (later today they will do the same at our house)  So I took a  few pictures of the day. It was a perfect summer day....sunny, breezy not too hot.

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