Thursday, June 28, 2012

Growing Things

Garden View I
Healthy Tomato Plant

Early Boy Tomatoes
Garden View II

This years lamb crop


Bee Balm

Baby Cucumbers Plants

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Camping at Black Moshannon State Park

Abbie, the sun and bubbles!

Dutch oven cookin...lamb, venison, organic pototoes, carrots, and herbs from the garden! It was yummy.
Carving by Dayton
We had cute neighbors!
Pitcher plants on the Bog Walk


More Bog Walk wonders
Stunning Views

Jeff and I, I think we are getting old, we better keep hiking so we don't get stiff in the joints!
We took the older two and friends camping as they are not able to trek to NE with us next week.  We had a wonderful time...lots of  kayaking, hiking, biking and just plain sitting around the camp fire!!

Coffee Shop Fun

Laura Loo Hoo behind the cookie!

Tah Dah...Laura and yummy cookie!

Aunt Sarah behind the cookie!

Baby Weaver behind the cookie!


Grandma and Emma
We had a lovely stop at the coffee shop in Boalsburg.  Then we were off to the Farmer's Market which was even more fun and filled with healthier goodness!