Sunday, March 31, 2013


Thank You, Lord
I love to sit and listen
    In the early morning hours
To the buzzing of the busy bees
     Taking honey from the flowers.
I love to watch the sunlight
     Come filtering through the trees
And hear the happy Meadowlark
     Sing songs so merrily.
I love to watch a fluffy clouds
     Drift by without a sound
A butterfly goes dancing by,
     A leaf twirls to the ground.
I pause for just a moment;
     A silent prayer I say,
"Thank You for my blessings, Lord,
     Thank You for this day!"
Mary Ann Houston

              Beautiful Hibiscus from Longwood Garden's!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

O' my a sight for sore eyes...signs of spring!

The Bees were out and having a ball in the sun!!
Yes, I said SUN!
A fairy left this ring of flowers for us!

I think Spring finally found us here in Central PA!  Soon the colts foot will be peeping their yellow heads up and the service trees will be blooming!

                 HAPPY EASTER!! Christ has Risen!

Friday, March 22, 2013

I Need A Little Summer...right this very minute!

Lambs Ears and Impatients


The Walk Way to our Porch

Bunny in the Flowers

Hen and Chicks and Impatients


Laura's Little Pond
Sage and Flowers
Okay...I Need A Little Christmas....that is how the song goes but I changed the words to I Need A Little Summer....right this very here are some pictures of my flower beds from 2011!  Everything is so green.  It is hard to believe that in March when things are so gloomy that it will be this green in a month or so....I am so ready for GREEN GRASS all around.... all around!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March - Highlights

Playing Clue with the kitties taking the pieces
can be a bit of a challenge!


I think we might have had a couple of nice days in March.
The kids helped their Dad with firewood on one of those days!

Bringing Spring inside!
I painted the old high chair for the 6th time,
this time for Cousin Weaver!
I made a bunch of these pillows for gifts -
this one was for a friend of Laura's! 
(It is the start of a sprocket pillow)
Emma made a skirt for Laura to
wear to a birthday party!
This is the new room we added on to the house...
just kidding....sometimes it is fun to dream!

A little Green for St Patrick's Day!

Monkey enjoying Weaver's chair

Homeschool Group - Science Fair Day!
I am thankful for March even though it can be a challenging month for me...ready for spring but still winter blahs sometime set in and sometimes I forget to count my blessings...but I truly have lots of counting to do.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happiness in the Everydayness of Life

 I came out to my kitchen this afternoon and looked over at the stove and declared it a Happy Stove.  It just made me happy to see it there, looking so cheery.  I have been trying to find happiness in the little rhythms of the everydayness of life.

Yummy Emma Bread

Tea is good for happiness too.

Tea Towels, my family all knows how much I like tea towels.
These are all just things and are not what real happiness is made of....about an hour later the table, just an arm's reach from the Happy Stove, was full of good food that Emma had so graciously prepared; mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, broccoli and chicken seasoned just right.  Around the table were many hungry mouths and our usual strange dinner conversations and family antics commenced....that is what real happiness is made of even though it is a bit chaotic.

A Visit To A Neighbor's Farm

Katadin Ewe and Her Triplets!
Getting ready to weigh the lambs
So Cute
Laura trying to pet a lamb

This is a kitty we gave to our neighbors,
her name is Sparkles.  She is a good mouser.

Baby cute!

More Peeps


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pink Flowers- My favorite!


More lovely flowers from Longwood Gardens

"If you love orchids, you undoubtedly have a taste for luxury, style, and elegance.  This does not mean that you are a superficial person - far from it. You are likely to be thougtful, well read, and a witty conversantionalist." Taken from The Language of Flowers by Samantha Gray.

 This grass was so would have been nice to just roll around a bit on it!

Just a little bit of luxury once in a while does the insides good...this is the lobby of the hotel where we stayed, the rooms were nothing to shout about but the entry way was luxurious, elegant and spacious.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Longwood Gardens - Yellows and Whites

Orchids everywhere you look!

 I purchased a copy of a book that I have been wanting for some time on my trip through the gift shop...The Secret Language of Flowers by Samantha is a reprint, of course and not so lovely as some I had seen on ebay but the words took me away and I felt I would like a copy right then to read and is what she said about daffodils...."If you love daffodils, you are a loyal friend and lover who takes pleasure in bringing happiness to those around you. You are a giving person with a tendency to conceal any sadness you might feel beneath a sunny smile that brightens the day of everyone you meet.  You are a truthful person and a hopeless liar.  Your warm personality and ability to remain strong in difficult situations win popularity and admiration."

Yellow Daffodils...

Witch Hazel...these varieties are very colorful.

They have many cats on staff to help out wherever
needed and to charm the guests!
Longwood garden's is such a beautiful place...all things good and lovely that God created.  "The Lord God planted a garden in the east, in Eden....the Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground - trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. " Genesis 2:8-9

Monday, March 11, 2013

Longwood Gardens

These little ladies were part of the greeting committee!

Orchid Extravaganza was the event of the day!!

Just breath taking!

A green wall, this would like nice in our living room!

My eyes just drank in the green, this time of year green is such a refreshing color for my eyes and heart!