Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Rocks and Mint

Ferns and Lambs Ears

Sunlit Ferns



The boy and the girls!

I think this must be Hariet the Hen!


Mother Duck and poppies

Soon to be mother duck sitting on her eggs.  She started to puff up and hiss when I took her photo!

Her nest is by the little pond amid Grandma Rhynalds' Poppies!

We can watch her tidy her nest while doing our school work - what a nice view we have!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Lady's Slippers

Lady's Slippers on the farm

They grow under hemlock trees in the filtered sun light

They are nestled on the forest floor amid the tired, old leaves and branches!

Up the hill from the magical spot where they grow!
Down the hill from the magical spot where they grow!

Like gracefull dancers!

Their habitat!
Their protector and companion - Mrs. Hemlock

Neighbors near by - Baby BUR OAKS!
And Baby Red Oak

Sunday, May 6, 2012


What time is it?  Time to garden!
Drawer of mint
This is the start of my spiral herb garden!

Yummy strawberries blooming!

Emma's pancies

I love to garden...the dirt, the green greens, being outdoors, the warmth of the sun, the animals and children that come to visit while you are "out in the garden", the yummy food and beautiful flowers, the exercise and just the joy that it brings to my soul.

Round Top Farm

Sunny skies and spring temperatures prevail on the the farm!

See Round Top behind the barn?  What a beautiful little hill!
Our little corner of God's amazing world - here is where we grow things....children, sheep, ducks, chickens, food for the wildlife, and for ourselves.