Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kitchen Corner - Making Doughnuts with Grandma

Doughnut Batter

Cutting out the doughnuts

Frying up the doughnuts

Cooling and waiting to be cinnamon and sugared

The perfect took a while but finally it appeared and then disappeared!


Raising Girls - Grandma, Laura, and Ann

Birthday Raggedy Ann and quilt made with love by Grandma

Laura and Ann - good friends forever

Grandma, Laura, and Ann all snug under the quilt

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Raising Girls - Wood Fairies

wood fairy stuffed zucchini

wood fairy soup


i spotted these creatures in the trees today...i was not sure what they were...but i think they must be wood fairies!  they were very beautiful and quite creative, good cooks too.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Art - Fall Trees

Fall Trees

I can not capture the beauty of fall on the farm...this golden maple tree was so amazing this fall.  A globe of gold leaves - magical in the sunlight of the late afternoon.

Kitchen Corner - Ginger Bread

Laura made fall ginger bread cookies...yummy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nature - Fall Art

Pocket Field Sketch by Koi - compact, vivid colors, and easy to use.

Nature - More PA Grand Canyon


Natural Beauty

A fun time was had by all...I think!

Nature - Hiking the PA Grand Canyon

The day was beautiful for hiking..sunny, a bit warm, fall colors were vivid, family was together... 
I don't think it gets any better.

Raising Girls - Good Eggs

Good Eggs come in all sizes and colors!

If you look for beauty you will find beauty

Emma enjoys gathering the eggs, she came in yesterday hollering "MOM, Mom" from the back door.  I thought something was amiss...she just wanted me to look at the beauty of the eggs she gathered!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Raising Girls - Emma's Pumpkin Smile

HAPPY FALL mud and all!!

Family - Pumpkin Time

Happy Pumpkin Picker!
The largest pumpkin picked by Laura - 50lbs!

Daddy bringing in Emma's pumpkin!

Looks like this one is nearly 42lbs!

Emma picked out one for Eli - nearly 30lbs!

It was a rainy cold fall day here in PA, which pretty much sums up our fall so far.  But we are making the best of it and we go about our plans in the rain and cold none the less. 

Happy Pumpkin Pickers???