Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nature - Hiking at R.B. Winter State Park

Jeff and I took a little hike this weekend!

We met this guy along the way....

Jeff, on the sitting tree!

Pretty flowers!

The sitting tree

A fairy must live here, for sure!

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature, it will never fail you." Frank Lloyd Wright

Raising Girls - Turkey Hunting

Emma and Daddy back from turkey hunting, no birds but a good time in the woods!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Laura and Bob the tomato, she LOVES tomatoes! He showed up in her Easter basket.

Sometimes family photos are a bit tricky!

Take two is not any better, but we had a wonderful Easter!!

Raising Girls - Easter

Lovely girls in Easter dresses - I am blessed beyond belief!

Home Sweet Home

I am so thankful for my home as humble as it may be.  We had a scare the other night our woodstove/chimney stopped drawing and the house filled up with smoke, but there was no fire....but it was scary.  Dayton said the house smelled good like a smoked sausage, but I thought it smelled like yucky smoke so I have spent two days scrubbing, washing, and airing out the house.  Still it is not quite right.  Hoping for nice warm days so I can open the house up.

Lovely Gate

If you can't beat em - join em and love em...going to make gluten free dandelion muffins this week!

Just love em...and munch on them as you stroll about the yard.

Spring Time

Fairy Ring


Garden Ready to Plant

Violets - Favorite Spring Flower

Hawthorn Pear

Art - Ephemeral Art

Ephemeral Art - this is a bike made out of wind blown, wet, tree droppings - as near as I could tell. Ephemeral - lasting for a markeldy brief time.