Saturday, September 24, 2011

Family -Cutting Wood Together

Woo Hoo!

Raising Girls - Creative Silliness

Wondering what to do with duct tape and paper plates, just ask Laura. She is never at a loss over what to do with herself. Here she is styling her HAT.

Nature - Signs of Fall

There are so many beautiful things around the farm in the fall; mums, pumpkins, sorghum, and this find of Dayton's...some call it a kissing tree. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Nature - Fall Fungus

Black Moshannon, Beaver Lodge

Coral Fungus

I don't know anything about these little marvels of nature but the colors are amazing! Outer space Orange!

This was shiny blue like a jewel, so beautiful!

I coined this one 'Grandpa'!


Beautiful Brown!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Raising Girls - More Laura 10

Laura has had a birthweek, not a birthday celebration..I think we are finally done celebrating this amazing girl.  No, I take that back - Grandma comes soon and we celebrate again.  Life is good!

Pirate Doctor Laura - got some accessories for her dress up game.

Party table before little girls arrive! The table cloth was cross stitched by Grandma Margaret Rutan, I was close to tears while putting this on the table. Laura's middle name is Margaret. I am tearing up again!

School - Reading

We just got an order of books....the girls and I can't wait to dig into these wonderful stories.  These are some of the best reads out there for young girls!!! Astrid Lindgren, Maud Hart Lovelace and Lois Lenski - we love these authors!

Raising Boys - Eli Football

Helmet after football game in the mud

Scenes from the laundry room!

Boy and jersey have both been though the wash and all is well.

Eli has been enjoying playing football - Go Eagles!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Raising Girls - More Laura 10

Donuts for Laura from sister Abbie - 10!

Kitchen Corner - gift jars

Laura made these today for gifts!


Raising Girls - Laura is 10

Flowers for the birthday girl from Richanda!

Breakfast in bed for the birthday girl from Emma.

Sister Love

Raising Girls - shooting and baking

Team work parenting...Dad teaches them how to shoot and Mom teaches them how to bake.
Daddy helping Emma shoot.

Daddy helping Laura shoot!

Emma's cupcakes for after shooting. 

Art - Natural

Ephemeral art pops up randomly around our house - or is this Red Neck Sculpture?

Farming - Truck Ride

Back Feild

Looking Out!

Looking Out!

Favorite Fall Flower - Goldenrod

Sorghum planted for the animals
Truck rides are a family fortifier (favorite I meant, I did a spell check and fortifier came up for my awful spelling of favorite, but I think that fits too - these truck rides fortify us - bringing us closer to the land and to each other.) Jeff looks at the food plots for the animals, checks his trail camera and of course looks for turkeys and deer. I look at the wild flowers, leaves on the trees and random things in nature that are so amazing. The children take it all in with the eyes of a child - so many amazing things to look at in God's great creation!
Checking out the sorghum

Checking Food Plots