Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School - First Day!!

First day of school...we had a good day, a rainy day outside made it easier to stay put doing our work. Got math started.  Had Bible time with the girls. Started our study of the ocean/coral reef.  Watched a great I-max about coral reefs on Net flix, read a wonderful book about the coral reef, did some drawing and writing too. The piano has been played much today.  Dancing in between studies.  Eli got on the bus to football practice okay. Also got 4-H thank you cards designed and ordered for pick up today. Emma did a great job with that, she has the designers eye.
Great book, great illustrations!

Sarah can you tell us about your scuba trip around the shipwreck?  What did you see?

Coral Reff art by Emma

Laura all organized!

Laura's own schedule!

Highlight of the day...Abbie brought home a new RED computer for Laura! Did I mention it is Laura's favorite color RED. Abbie picked it up after her classes in Altoona as the State College store did not have RED.

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  1. aww....i'm really want to home school my children too.......you inspire me!
    please keep the pictures coming!