Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family - Puzzle Time is Here!

Abbie and now Laura enjoys we have had a puzzle set up in the living room for the last couple of weeks...I think they are on puzzle 4 or 5 already.  It is fun to work on them together and most family members and extended family help out when they pop in, even Richanda and Wyatt have helped.

Family - Time Together In the Woods

Can you see the tiny creatures preserved in time? Ocean creatures at the top of a mountain in PA!

This smiley guy was very helpful at clearing the path!


More path clearing!

Hauling out some firewood to keep us warm this winter, the woods are so generous!

Glamor in the woods?


 Diamond rings, cash, a pretty hankie, perfume, a watch and knife, and I think perhaps secret letters - Laura comes prepared to the woods.

You never know what you might need in the woods.

Laura's necessities bag all packed up!
Abbie - strong farm girl!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kitchen Corner - Making Cinnamon Rolls with Grandma

Mixing them up!

More mixing

Kneading with Grandma

Love this picture - young and old hands working together!

Looking yummy!

And yummier!

Yummiest - frosting on the top..mmmm! Thanks Grandma!