Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March - Highlights

Playing Clue with the kitties taking the pieces
can be a bit of a challenge!


I think we might have had a couple of nice days in March.
The kids helped their Dad with firewood on one of those days!

Bringing Spring inside!
I painted the old high chair for the 6th time,
this time for Cousin Weaver!
I made a bunch of these pillows for gifts -
this one was for a friend of Laura's! 
(It is the start of a sprocket pillow)
Emma made a skirt for Laura to
wear to a birthday party!
This is the new room we added on to the house...
just kidding....sometimes it is fun to dream!

A little Green for St Patrick's Day!

Monkey enjoying Weaver's chair

Homeschool Group - Science Fair Day!
I am thankful for March even though it can be a challenging month for me...ready for spring but still winter blahs sometime set in and sometimes I forget to count my blessings...but I truly have lots of counting to do.

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