Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mary Jane Farm Day!

This is the location of the happenings, The Cabin.
Sarah, Mom, Myself, Emma, Laura and Weaver are the happeners!
Colorful table is all set....

Yummy Zucchini Fries are ready....

Sarah's Fresh Veggie Pasta Salad!

My plate, ready to be enjoyed!

Weaver, Laura and the Cozy Coupe!

Move over Laura here I come!

Hum...not sure that a cozy coupe is suppose to be this cozy!

The paper we made!!

Then we melted down old wax and made beautiful candles!!

Flower petals were added to the wax!!
We call these Mary Jane Days...after the Mary Jane Farm Magazine we all love!  We get together and make and eat good real food and the do crafts together - crafts that are recycled or earthy perhaps!

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