Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Sunshine and Warmth

Well, we are in the height of winter...the days have been very cold, and very blustery.  The sun does peek out on occasion but has been very timid these days.  So my husband brings me some sunshine....or rather Sunflowers. They have been helping me get through these winter days. Watching the wonderful birds at the feeder also brings me great joy....we have cardinals that come everyday, blue jays, a woodpecker and of course...nuthatches, chickadees, tuffted titmouse, and sparrows too.  I take joy in even the little sparrows!
Poetry helps these days as well...
My Home
My home is such a cozy place
So warm and filled with love,
Though just a humble little place
It's blessed by God above,
When cares of life are bothering me
And I feel so alone,
I close the door (to)...The world outside,
And seek my Father's throne.
There on my knees I seek God's face
(or just there on my bed)
He takes away the cares of life
And gives me peace instead.
The door of home is open wide
to family and friends,
We gather around the table for
The bounty that God sends
Sometimes I sit and read a book
Or telephone a friend.
Here is my warm and cozy
There's no need to pretend.
Oh, thank You God for this my home,
And make me more aware,
That many have not happy home
With folks that pray and care.
Then help me keep an open door
And heart so full of love,
My home may be a welcome place
That's blessed by God above.
Gertrude B. McClain

I have been watching various Gardening shows on Amazon Prime, these are great remedies for winter blahs...this one is called The Great Gardens of England.


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