Friday, January 17, 2014

Amazing Art and DC - Flash Back

My wonderful husband took me to DC with him (November) ...he worked - I played.  I walked from our hotel to see so many amazing things....Somehow with very little planning or charting of my days fell into place and I seemed to find wonderful things around every corner.  I never felt concerned for my safety as I strolled the city.  I did feel that I might get turned around and loose myself.  But I found that if I always knew where the Washington Monument was...I could always find my way home...that is back to the hotel.  The art work of course was one of my favorite finds. I could not believe my eyes at all that I was privileged to see....nor the fact that I could take pictures in the National Art Gallery.

My next favorite in the big city was the American History Museum...and Julia Child's Kitchen.  I remember fondly....watching Julia Child on PBS with my Mom when I was just in grade school.  She was half Chef...half comedian it seemed to me at that age! 

I love the green!! My favorite color.

I also enjoyed seeing the First Ladies' china patterns...I love dishes, too much really for they always call out to me at the thrift stores or garage sales.

More First Lady china....I think maybe Mrs Johnson's???

The White House
One of the security guards
My sweetie!

And...butterflies in the Natural History Museum!

 And here we are in our amazing hotel lobby!  This was when we were waiting for our car to be brought around to head home. Everyone was so nice at the hotel and the service was marvelous.  One of the lobby attendants offered to take this photo for us!

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