Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Time - My Favorite Time of the Year!

 Spring...I can't tell you enough how dear you are to me.  Your beautiful new green feeds my tired old eyes and makes them feel alive and young again.  The colors and blooms you give so freely feeds my soul like nothing else can.  Thank You Spring!
 Come and sit awhile and soak in the loveliness of SPRING!  She is a true beauty with a generous heart!
 The ducks are glad that Spring is here...they enjoy their naps in the green grass much more than in the snow; grass is soft and comfy and makes for good duck dreams!
Peach blossoms!

Strawberry Plant


Even these little rambunctious guys are wonderful...I think we will put them into some muffins soon!


Spring gives us fairy rings...
their enchantment makes even old hearts
feel young again! 

PJM Rhododendrons
Thank you dear Lord for giving SPRING and all her spender to us to enjoy! 

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