Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New sewing room - office

Shelves all organized

Comfy chair to sit in!

Add a pretty light!

Angel Quilt by Grandma Luciel goes back up on the wall!
Wish I would have taken before pictures, but here are some of the after pictures.  It is still a full room, but I have gotten rid of 5 boxes of books, 4 bags of stuff, recycled 3 boxes or more of old school papers, and of course made a trip with a trunk load of stuff to the thrift store. Still have more stuff to get rid of that is not going back in this room.  Takes a bit of time to go through 12 years plus of homeschooling stuff, plus craft stuff, doll stuff and office stuff.  O' my!  Thanks to the girls for helping out so much with painting and de-junking, to Eli for lugging stuff, and to Jeff for putting up the light and putting up with me. 

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